Chiropractic Services



Dr. Ashley Mincey (previously Shiver) uses a combination of chiropractic techniques for sports injuries and conditions, pregnancy, degenerative processes, repetitive and work-related injuries and/or posture-related conditions, and many more. She pairs the best chiropractic technique that supports YOU and your current life. If you are well-versed in chiropractic techniques, Dr. Ashley Mincey is trained in the following:

  • Full Spine
  • Thompson
  • SOT (SacroOccipital Technique)
  • Activator
  • BGI (BioGeometric Integration)
  • Pediatrics
  • Webster (pregnant mothers and babies)
  • Logan
  • Extremity adjusting


Animal Chiropractic

  • Manual and Activator
  • Full Spine
  • Extremities

Serving mainly horses, dogs, and cats. However if you have another animal that you would like checked, please ask us about it!

*Animal Chiropractic Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

**For more details about animal chiropractic and specific tips for canine (dog), feline (cat) and equine (horse) patients, check out the Animal Chiropractic tab at the top of the page under Services! 


Nutrition, Exercise and Other Services

We have the knowledge and ability to discuss the following, however it is not our specialty. We may need to co-manage with a more knowledgeable professional if we feel it is necessary to give you the BEST care possible:

  • Nutrition and dietary advice
  • Exercises, strengthening, stretching and physiotherapy
  • and more!

Our Chiropractic Purpose


Mission and Goals

The mission of New Wave Chiropractic is to provide exceptional quality health care and educate all members (or owners) in the art, philosophy and science of chiropractic and to inspire them to take control of their own and their pet’s health.

Our goal is to empower our members to create a lifestyle that supports their needs and the needs of their pets using chiropractic in order to restore function of the nervous system to its full potential. All living beings have an inborn wisdom (innate intelligence) to heal themselves from the inside out and our purpose is to enable this natural gift to express its highest version of each individual.

Innate / Inner Wisdom

As a chiropractor, I believe that everyone (sport enthusiast, engineer, accountant, student, retiree, etc and your animal, etc) has the inner wisdom, or innate intelligence, to heal themselves from the inside out when nerve interference is removed and the body is allowed to fully communicate. This is the same power that knew to grow you from 2 independent and separate cells (one from your mother and one from your father) into the complete and complex being you are today. Innate guides all of your body's processes without you even thinking about it, from digestion and assimilation (turning food into "cell food," heart rate and rhythm, breathing depth and rate, wound healing, bone and muscle growth and repair, coordinating muscle contraction, strength, balance, etc.  

Nervous System Interference

Through life's many traumas, toxins, thoughts and patterns, many of us are not functioning to our full potential due to nerve interference. And due to the body's amazing ability to compensate, many of these interferences can lie dormant, or asymptomatic, for years and sometimes decades. Eventually, they may present themselves via symptoms, imbalances, weakness or dis-ease. 

When the interference is in the spine, we call this a vertebral subluxation and is important because your spinal cord (housed within your spinal column) is the main information train between your brain and all of the tissues, organs, and cells in your body. 

The Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractors are trained in detecting where the nerve interference, or vertebral subluxation, is and in the specific correction of it, called an chiropractic adjustment. Often there are layers of patterns and compensations and this is why it may take a series of adjustments to work to the root cause of the problem. And since we are dynamic, moving beings, constantly interacting with others and our internal and external environments, it is important to have your spine checked regularly by a chiropractor that  you resonate with so your compensations and patterns do not lead to symptoms and dis-ease in the future!   

We provide chiropractic in Rockledge (conveniently located off of Suntree Blvd). And we provide animal chiropractic to Brevard County and surrounding areas!


Animal Chiropractic Disclaimer

Animal Chiropractic does not dispense medication, perform surgery, inject medications or attempt to replace necessary traditional veterinary care. Underlying pathology should be ruled out by a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine prior to an animal chiropractic evaluation. Co-managing with your Veterinary professional provides what we believe is the best, most wholesome care for your animal. 

Chiropractic deals with the spinal column and the nervous system housed within — and with keeping the nerve system healthy for the benefit of the entire animal. Chiropractic care for your horse, dog or cat can also optimize performance through optimizing skeletal biomechanics.